BOSTON • 10.16.18

For the first time on the East Coast, we bring you Digital Fight Club: Boston at Innovate Celebrate on Tuesday, October 16th at 7 PM at the Liberty Hall, Revere Boston Common Hotel.

Ten of the sharpest wits in Boston will spar in five “fights” during the Consumer Technology Association’s conference Innovate Celebrate.

  • Robotics/AI
  • Health/BioTech
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Future of Workforce
  • Self Driving Cars

The audience and Refs will judge the fights with our own Digital Fight Club App.

Mayhem, indeed!

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is? Watch Mark Cuban referee last year’s AI fight in Dallas.
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Digital Fight Club:

Dallas 2018

Fight 1

Retail: Physical vs Digital

Daniel Black

Elie Finegold

Fight 2

Voice: Marketing & Control

Chris Ferrel

Michelle Hagen

Fight 3

Design: Speed, Technology & Process

James Helms

Jeriad Zoghby

Fight 4

Blockchain: Security & Trust vs Promise

Mark Hopkins

Jaime Chambron

Fight 5

Smart Cameras/Smart Images

Skip Howard

Thierry Hubert


Digital Fight Club:

Dallas 2017

Fight 1 – Driverless Cars

Mike Courtney vs Mark Haidar

Fight 2 – Digital On-Demand Workforces

Stephen Huerta vs Nick Clark

Fight 3 – Digital Storytelling

Urvashi Pitre vs Shon Rathbone

Fight 4 – Smart Homes

Stuart Sikes vs Dan Pidgeon

Fight 5 – Artificial Intelligence

Dave Copps vs Raju Kattumenu


Digital Fight Club:

Dallas 2016

Fight 1 – Virtual Reality

Fight 2 – IoT

Nathan Huntoon vs Scott Harper

Fight 3 – Digital Content

Michael Sitarzewski vs Mike Orren

Fight 4 – Big Data: Good or Evil?

Dina Light-McNeely vs John Keehler

Fight 5 – Augmented Reality


Andrew Hopkins, Accenture

Sorabh Saxena, SVP, Software Development & Engineering, ATT

Sydney Seiger, CMO, TXU

Jeremy Johnson – VP, Customer Experience, projekt202