Panels are boring. So we put 2 technology experts in a boxing ring 2 feet from each other in front of 5 accomplished “referees” and let them defend their position on a topic in their field.

We do this in front of 500 CEOs, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors. So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner. That’s not boring. That’s fun.
…and you might learn something.

How it Works

There are five fights across five, pre-selected, digital topics.

Each fight has an opening salvo of 45 seconds. Then a rebuttal of 30 seconds for each fighter.  After the initial rebuttal, there are two questions coming from the referees with a 15-second response from each fighter.

Then the voting takes place, and a winner is determined.

Each fight lasts about 10 minutes

Digital Fight Club Leadership

(Board of Directors)
Michael Pratt – President and Founder

Former Goldman trader. USMA ’87. Reluctant Warrior.
Day Job: CEO of Panamplify, automating marketing agency client reporting. A full service solution in a world full of tools.

Logan Speights – Head of Marketing

Logan has spent 20 years in marketing and now leads companies that transform modern business.

Day Job: CEO at TripleEights and Co-founder of Proxxy. Letting leaders lead through remote Chiefs of Staff.

Kevin Vela – General Counsel

Kevin is way more than a lawyer. He virtually owns the startup market when it comes to all things legal and also happens to be the founder of Blossom Street Ventures.

Day Job: Managing Partner of Vela Wood, the premier startup & transactional law firm in Dallas.

Tenaya Winkelman, MBA – Marketing

Tenaya is a digital strategist with a creative streak and a soon-to-be law student in the fall of ’21.

Day Job: Director of Digitial Strategy at RBA