August 25, 2021

Tired of boring Zoom calls? So are we. We’re turning the virtual event world on its head with the first Digital Fight Club, Virtual Edition.

Just like IRL, we’re putting 2 experts in their fields up against each other in front of a raucous virtual audience.

What does that look like?

  • Experience the fights with your friends on your own virtual couch
  • React verbally and electronically like you would in person
  • Network by moving to another couch

We do this in front of hundreds CEOs, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors not to mention thousands in the audience.

So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner within the virtual experience. That’s not boring. That’s fun.

…and you might learn something.

Mayhem, indeed!

Check out the Atlanta trailer

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Becca Weigman and Eric Myers spar over the ad agency model of the future.

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Fight 1

Future of Cryptocurrency

Kell Canty

Kell Canty
CEO, Verady
  • Financial transactions nerd
  • Oddly interested in the tax system
  • Yellow Jacket

Stephen Pair

Stephen Pair
CEO, BitPay
  • Early crypto adopter
  • Patent holder
  • TRS-80 programmer

Fight 2

Future of Work: Remote Work, Culture & Technology

James Franklin

James Franklin
CCO, SpaceIQ
  • Transformer
  • Consultant turned leader
  • Bulldog

Nicky Garcea

Nicky Garcea
Co-founder, Cappfinity
  • Psychology researcher
  • workplace expert
  • Brit

Fight 3

The Retail Experience Reimagined

Bogdan Constantin

Bogdan Constantin
CEO, Voxie
  • Conversational commerce expert
  • Former tux guy
  • Bulldog

Adam Harrell

Adam Harrell
Founder, Nebo
  • Retail focused agency leader
  • Dir., Startup Atlanta
  • Author

Fight 4

Supply Chain Disruption

Paul Noble

Paul Noble
CEO, Verusen
  • Into materials management
  • Former paint guy
  • Hoops ringer

Dolapo Famakinwa

Dolapo Famakinwa
Co-founder, GlowAmaze
  • Lifelong supply chain careerwoman
  • Consumer products entrpreneur
  • Spartan

Fight 5

Home Health Care: Compassion & Convenience

Angela Fusaro

Angela Fusaro
CEO, Physician 360
  • Emergency medical physician
  • Home care expert
  • Dabbles in politics

Kirk Barnes

Kirk Barnes
Founder, TransPharMed
  • Pharma vet
  • Health care startup junkie
  • Rattler


MD, Accenture (Head Referee)

  • Transformer of businesses
  • Logistics expert
  • Loves seafood & Bourbon

VP, Global Retail & E-commerce, UPS

  • Funnel expert
  • Yorkshire native
  • Measures things by the billions

ED, Georgia FinTech Academy

  • Lifelong fin tech
  • Distributes his ledgers
  • Recovering consultant

Publisher, Atlanta Business Chronicle

  • PR Man
  • Crisis manager
  • Tennis prodigy

CIO, Metro Atlanta Chamber

  • Former Insurance Six Sigma 
  • Founder
  • Innovation expert