Cyber: Dallas

April 19, 2023  – Granada Theater

We asked DFWs top Corporate CISOs to give us challenging cybersecurity issues and we’re having top VAR execs duke it out on stage in a raucous debate.

Tired of hearing the same ‘ol same ‘ol at cybersecurity conferences? Tired of being kissed up to or not being able to speak your mind in a proposal?

So are we.

Only 40 CISOs, 40 VARs/MSSps and 5 Vendors may attend. Everyone gets to vote for the winners. No pressure.

Mayhem, indeed!


The Fight Format

  • Opening salvo: 30 seconds each
  • Rebuttal #1: 30 seconds each
  • Rebuttal #2: 30 seconds each
  • Ref question #1: 15 seconds each
  • Rebuttal #3: 15 seconds each
  • Ref question #2: 15 seconds each
  • Rebuttal #4: 15 seconds each

Never been to a Digital Fight Club and want to know what it’s all about? Watch a few fights on our YouTube channel.

Event Timeline:


5:30pm – VIP Reception @ Sundown

6:00pm – Granada Doors open for GA cocktails

7:00pm – Fights begin

8:00pm-ish – After Party

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Jennifer Zientz spar with Michelle Adams on brain health.

Produced by:


Fight 1

Zero Trust

Allan Alford

Allan Alford
Producer/Host, Cyber Ranch Podcast
  • President, Security Tinkerers
  • Former CISO, Polycom
  • Demon in a Blue Suit

Mark Mahovlich

Mark Mahovlich
VP, Strategy & Execution, ICM Cyber
  • Former computer repairman, sorta!
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Fightin’ Irish

Fight 2

Ransomware Victims

Alex Cherones

Alex Cherones
MD, Cyber, Risk & Regulatory, PWC
  • AT&T Cyber vet
  • Recovering real estate analyst
  • Pony up!

Dave Trader

Dave Trader
Field CISO, Presidio
  • Cyber risk expert
  • Former police officer
  • Semper Fi

Fight 3

The Cyber Hiring Problem

Mike Saylor

Mike Saylor
CEO, Blackswan Cybersecurity
  • Exec Dir. Cyber Defense Center
  • Longtime cyber professor
  • Blaze the Maverick

Jessie Bolton

Jessie Bolton
CEO, Bolt Resources
  • Lifelong tech hr vet
  • Talent advocate
  • Dallas native

Fight 4

To certify or not to certify?

Jessica Nemmers

Jessica Nemmers
Field CISO, Flair Data Systems
  • Perot/EDS/Dell vet
  • Professional ballerina
  • Pony up!

Andrew Winkelmann

Andrew Winkelmann
MD, Cloud/Indfrastructure Security, Accenture
  • Lifelong security vet
  • Former bartender
  • Wellington P. Wildcat

Fight 5

Government Cyber Regulation

Julio Casablanca

Julio Casablanca
  • Former systems engineer
  • Fan of Nacho Libre
  • Maverick (Blaze)

Sharon Reynolds

Sharon Reynolds
Principal, Kuldeski Security
  • Lockheed Martin vet
  • Former CISO
  • Western Mustang


Global CISO, Brinks

  • Enterprise security vet
  • Standards setter
  • Cameron Aggie

CIO, Tropicana

  • Keurig-Dr Pepper vet
  • Amateur Baseball Foundation founder
  • Blaze the Mascot

VP, Endpoint Services, Federal Reserve

  • AT&T vet
  • Literally married to a rock star
  • Comet


  • Co-Founder CISO CX
  • Lifelong security vet
  • Community advocate

CISO, American Airlines

  • Lifelong corp cyber guy
  • Banking security vet
  • Mean Green

Here’s how to participate:

No tickets will be made available to the general public. VARs/MSSPs and Corporations (CISOs & teams) attend as a unit. Their people register individually with codes we give them once they have been accepted into the event.

Corporate (CISO)

Coprorate CISOs (or equivalent) and their teams go for free and must be VAR users

  • FREE
  • 1 – VIP ticket
    • Virtual VIP Reception (Corprate CISOs and VAR CEOs)
    • Must be CISO or equivalent
  • 4 – GA tickets
    • Must be on corporate CISO team
  • After Party access

How do you get access as a CISO?

  • Your CISO or equivalent needs to attend. This is not a “send my minions” sort of event.
  • You need to be a corporation that uses VARs. Or is about to. This is the place to do your recon.
  • Bring your senior team members
  • There are only 40 Corporate CISO blocks available.

Email Michael Pratt at to get a code.


There are no “pay for play” speaking roles. Participating VARs/MSSPs and vendors chip in to help us cover costs by buying a “block” that suits their needs.

There are 3 levels.

  • Entry: $500
    • 1 – VIP ticket
      • VIP Reception access
      • After Party access
      • VIP parking
    • 2 – GA tickets
      • After Party access
    • Must be senior VAR/MSSP employees
  • Standard: $1,250
    • 1 – VIP ticket
      • VIP Reception access
      • After Party access
      • VIP parking
    • 4 – GA tickets
      • After Party access
    • Must be senior VAR/MSSP employees
  • Premium: $2,500
    • 2 – VIP tickets
      • VIP Reception access
      • After Party Access
      • VIP parking
      • VIP seating
    • 8 – GA tickets
      • After Party access
    • Must be senior VAR/MSSP employees

There are only 40 total VAR/MSSP blocks avaialble. That includes the 10 VAR/MSSP fighter slots.

Grab a block for your VAR now



Sponsors: 10 fight corner sponsor blocks only: You can imagine what a hot ticket one of these blocks is. We are opening up 5 opportunities smaller bar/food package options. Email Michael Pratt at for more details.

As we all know, conferences are vendor-fests. It’s like 100 guys trying to get that one girl to dance. Not Digital Fight Club. Vendors are outnumbered 4 to 1. Check out who’s coming to the dance: