DALLAS • 08.24.2016

For the first time, we bring you Digital Fight Club: on Wednesday, August 24th at 7 PM at the historic Granada Theater.

Ten of the sharpest wits in North Texas will spar in five “fights” ranging in topics, selected from this year Accenture Interactive Trends Book.  

The audience and Refs will pick a fight winner with our own Digital Fight Club App. Mayhem, indeed!

Watch the 2016 Fights on YouTube or check out the trailer below.

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Fight 1

Virtual Reality

Nick DiCarlo

Nick DiCarlo
VP, Immersive Products, Samsung
  • Virtually unreal
  • Telecom expert
  • Pushup aficionado

Dale Carman

Dale Carman
Creative Director, Groove Jones
  • Creative visionary
  • ReelFX co-founder
  • Really nice guy

Fight 2


Scott Harper

Scott Harper
CEO, Dialexa
  • Former mobility guy
  • Vinli founder
  • Actual serial entrepreneur

Nathan Huntoon

Nathan Huntoon
Prinipal Engineer, Pepsi
  • Part-time philosopher
  • Naval weapons engineer
  • SMU Innovation Gymnasium

Fight 3

Digital Content

Mike Orren

Mike Orren
CEO, Speakeasy
  • Recovering publisher
  • Movie critic
  • Blue Devil

Michael Sitarzewski

Michael Sitarzewski
CEO, Epic Playground
  • Nomad (squared)
  • Community organizer
  • Occasionally incorrect, never in doubt

Fight 4

Big Data: Good or Evil?

John Keehler

John Keehler
Group Head, Digital Strategy, Richards Group
  • Socially opinionated
  • Intrepid citizen
  • Multichannel expert

Dina Light-McNeely

Dina Light-McNeely
VP, The Marketing Arm
  • Possibly outspoken
  • Brand builder
  • Survivor

Fight 5

Augmented Reality

Joel Fontenot

Joel Fontenot
Managing Partner, Trailblazer Capital
  • Operating expert
  • Balance sheet shredder
  • Unusually full of charisma

Brad Rossacci

Brad Rossacci
Dir. Innovation, 900lbs
  • Human experience expert
  • Full time experimenter
  • Eternal optimist


MD, Accenture

SVP, Engineering, AT&T


CEO, Distribion

VP, projekt202