DALLAS • 08.23.17

For the fourth year in a row, we bring you Digital Fight Club: on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7 PM at the historic Granada Theater.

Ten of the sharpest wits in North Texas will spar in five “fights” ranging in topics, selected from this year Accenture Interactive Trends Book.  

The audience and Refs will vote for a winner with our own Digital Fight Club app. Mayhem, indeed!

Watch each of the 2017 fights on YouTube or check out the trailer below.

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Mark Cuban referee the AI fight.

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Fight 1

Driverless Cars

Mark Haider

Mark Haider
CEO, Vinli
  • Dialexa co-founder
  • Commercial pilot
  • Tommy Titan

Mike Courtney

Mike Courtney
VP, Design + Planning, AECOM
  • Futurist
  • Recovering consultant
  • SUNY dude

Fight 2

Digital On-Demand Workforces

Nick Clark

Nick Clark
CEO, Common Desk
  • Former real estate dude
  • Tri guy
  • Pony Up!

Stephen Huerta

Stephen Huerta
CEO, Workify
  • Recovering consultant
  • Former Goldman guy
  • Longhorn

Fight 3

Digital Storytelling

Urvashi Pitre

Urvashi Pitre
President, Tasseologic
  • Marketing analytics guru
  • Former agency wonk
  • Fear the Frog

Shon Rathbone

Shon Rathbone
Founder, 3Headed Monster
  • Publicis vet
  • Agency wonk
  • Spartan

Fight 4

Smart Homes

Stuart Sikes

Stuart Sikes
SVP, People Power
  • IoT before it was IoT
  • Former marketer
  • Commodore

Dan Pidgeon

Dan Pidgeon
CEO, Starpower
  • CTA chairman
  • Loves the high end
  • Longhorn

Fight 5

Artificial Intelligence

Dave Copps

Dave Copps
CEO, Brainspace
  • Semantic genius
  • Actual serial founder
  • Big Green

Raju Kattumenu

Raju Kattumenu
CEO, Oculus 360
  • Former Pepsi techie
  • Lover of data
  • Former telecom engineer


MD, Accenture

  • Seasoned marketing/product veteran
  • SaaS pioneer
  • Serial CMO

CDO, 7-Eleven

  • Product engineer
  • Former consultant
  • Owl PhD

Business Editor, DMN

  • Long time journalist
  • Times-Picayune
  • Green Wave

Owner, Many things

  • Entrpreneur
  • Mavs fan
  • Hoosier

CMO, AT&T Business

  • Enterprise marketing vet
  • Telecom guru
  • Cowboy