DALLAS • 08.01.18

For the fourth year in a row, we bring you Digital Fight Club: on Wednesday, August 1st at 7pm at the historic Granada Theater.

Ten of the sharpest wits in North Texas will spar in five “fights” ranging in topics, selected from this year’s Accenture Interactive Trends Book.  

The audience and Refs will vote for a winner with our own Digital Fight Club App. Mayhem, indeed!

Watch each of the 2018 fights on YouTube or check out the trailer below

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Mark Cuban referee the 2017 AI fight in Dallas.

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Fight 1

Retail: Physical vs Digital

Daniel Black

Daniel Black
CEO, Glass Media
  • Data slayer
  • Former marketer
  • Stag

Elie Finegold

Elie Finegold
EIR, MetaProp; former VP, Innovation CBRE
  • Former real state wonk
  • Seasoned advisor
  • Crimson

Fight 2

Voice: Marketing & Control

Chris Ferrel

Chris Ferrel
Dir. Digital Strategy, Richards Group
  • Lifelong marketer
  • Former kitchen manager
  • Cornhusker

Michelle Hagen

Michelle Hagen
CEO, Tamden Theory
  • Lifelong marketer
  • Former business analyst
  • Golden Grizzly

Fight 3

Design: Speed, Technology & Process

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan
Dir., Design Strategy, Sabre
  • Founder, Big Design
  • Forever Sabre vet
  • Blaze

James Helms

James Helms
VP, design, Intuit
  • Lifelong marketing designer
  • Parking Spot side hustle
  • Blue Hen

Fight 4

Blockchain: Security, Trust vs Promise

Jaime Chambron

Jaime Chambron
VP, Customer Engagement, NTT Data
  • Recovering strategist
  • Product driver
  • Crimson

Mark Hopkins

Mark Hopkins
Founder, Roger Wilco
  • Former corporate dev
  • Blockchain miner
  • Nerdy by Nature

Fight 5

Smart Cameras / Smart Images

Thierry Hubert

Thierry Hubert
CEO, Darwin Ecosystem
  • Responsible Technologist
  • IBM vet
  • College Fraincais

Skip Howard

Skip Howard
CEO, Spacee
  • Programmer
  • Robotics nut
  • Red Raider


MD, Accenture

  • seasoned marketing/product veteran
  • SaaS pioneer
  • serial CMO

Publisher, Dallas Morning News

  • Broadcaster guy
  • M&A nut
  • Rock Chalk

CMO, Frito-Lay

  • Recovering consultant
  • Merchandising maven
  • Swoop

VP, Innovation, AmerisourceBergen

  • Former learning co vet
  • New product guy
  • Big Red Bear

SVP, WeWork, WeWork labs

  • Startup junkie
  • Israeli defense engineer
  • Reichman