DALLAS • 08.28.19

For the fourth year in a row, we bring you Digital Fight Club: on Wednesday, August 28th at 7 PM at the historic Granada Theater.

Ten of the sharpest wits in North Texas will spar in five “fights” ranging in topics, selected from this year Accenture Interactive Trends Book.  

The audience and Refs will pick the fight winners with our own Digital Fight Club App. Mayhem, indeed!

Watch each of the 2019 fights on YouTube or check out the trailer below

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Mark Cuban referee the 2017 AI fight in Dallas.

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Fight 1

Public Transport Technology: Taming the Wild West

Robert Mundinger

Robert Mundinger
Founder, TheMap.net
  • Data slayer
  • Recovering finance guy
  • Opinionated urbanite techie

Steven Duong

Steven Duong
VP, Design + Planning, AECOM
  • Urban Pioneer Award
  • Hyperloop fanatic
  • Amateur chef

Fight 2

Secure Me: Digital Safety across the Ecosystem

Lee Harrison

Lee Harrison
CEO, Thru
  • Occasionally wrong, never in doubt
  • Integrator of systems
  • Makes Dropbox look like child’s play

Stephen Ellis

Stephen Ellis
CTO, Plymouth AI
  • Cryptocurrency fanatic
  • Occasionally stealthy
  • Coffee genius

Fight 3

Silence: To digitally disconnect or not

Jennifer Zientz

Jennifer Zientz
Director, Clinical Services, Center for Brain Health
  • Noggin expert
  • Police trainer
  • Navy Seal whisperer

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams
President, Marketing Brainology
  • CPG genius
  • Brain manipulator
  • Ph.D, Political Economy

Fight 4

Synthetic Reality: Does real even matter?

Farrukh Malik

Farrukh Malik
CEO, Roomored
  • Recovering banker
  • Intrepid citizen
  • residential construction disruptor

Steve Nix

Steve Nix
CEO, ForwardXP
  • Video game industry vet
  • Understands his Id
  • Please don’t touch anything

Fight 5

Get to Know Me: Data, Personalization & Privacy

Mike Orren

Mike Orren
Chief Product Officer, DMN/Belo
  • Digital naif
  • Cultural encyclopedia
  • Former Publisher, D Mag

Andy Chen

Andy Chen
SVP, +1 Labs: Match
  • PII aficionado
  • Co-founded Traxo
  • Never used Tinder


MD, Accenture

  • Seasoned marketing/product veteran
  • SaaS pioneer
  • Serial CMO

CDO, Baylor, Scott & White

  • Recovering consultant
  • Mountain climber
  • Ask him about “The Hive”

Founder, Capital Factory

  • Zillion-time-over entrepreneur
  • Eisenhower Fellow
  • Fan of Austin…and Dallas

VP, Product, 7-Eleven

  • AA & Intuit veteran
  • Punjab Lions fan
  • Leading 7-11 digital transformation

Host, Innovation Calling

  • Enterprise tech vet
  • People connector
  • Foster dog lover