Dallas, TX

August 11, 2022 6pm

Digital Fight Club is back IRL! We return to our birthplace, The Granada Theater in full force as a featured event of Dallas Startup Week.

Panels are boring.

Come watch top DFW founders spar on controversial and disruptive topics!

So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner.  That’s not boring. That’s fun.

…and you might learn something.

Mayhem, indeed!

Watch every DFC fight on our YouTube Channel.

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Anchor: Accenture
Fight #1: SVB
Fight #2: Simpli.fi
Fight #3: Medium Giant
Fight #4: Altruas
Fight #5: Improving


Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Jennifer Zientz spar with Michelle Adams on digitally disconnecting.

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Fight 1

The Metaverse

Taylor Shead

Taylor Shead
  • Funded metaverse startup founder
  • Education warrior
  • Iggy the Lion

Dan Ferguson

Dan Ferguson
Founder, Groove Jones
  • Reel FX vet
  • Signal Corps
  • Blaze the Bronco

Fight 2

Brand/Consumer Transparency

Bill Cochran

Bill Cochran
Creative director, LERMA
  • Former Richards CD
  • Ad Libs veteran (yup)
  • Oswald the Tiger

Cameron Gawley

Cameron Gawley
CEO, The Runway
  • Former agency founder
  • Brand man his entire life
  • Scrappy the eagle

Fight 3

Supply Chain

Chris Hanebeck

Chris Hanebeck
CEO, Truckl
  • Lifelong supply chain dude
  • Patent holder
  • Sooner

Brad Nichols

Brad Nichols
Founder, Automatize
  • Oil & Gas nerd
  • Process junkie
  • Boostrapper

Fight 4

Sustainability, Profitability & Growth

Eddy Badrina

Eddy Badrina
CEO, Eden Green
  • Former ad agency founder/exec
  • Former White House policy wonk
  • Aggie

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson
Founder/President, Clearyst
  • Recovering Investment Banker
  • F-18 Pilot
  • Eagle

Fight 5


Andrew Hopkins

Andrew Hopkins
President, PrivacyChain
  • Former DFC ref
  • Accenture Industry X.0 guy
  • Afrikaans

David Malicoat

David Malicoat
CISO, ContraForce
  • Cyber risk maven
  • Dell Enterprise vet
  • Once a Marine…


MD South, Accenture Song (Head Ref)

  • Longtime ad agency CEO
  • DFC fight winner
  • Iggy the Greyhound

Group VP/Chief Engineer, Toyota Connected Technologies

  • Longtime Toyota engineering vet
  • Automobile patent holder
  • Wolverine

CDO, Fossil

  • Recovering McKinsey partner
  • Heavily involved in KIPP
  • Wolverine

CIO/CTO, McKesson

  • Pharma nerd
  • Cali transplant
  • Regi the Ranger

VP, Business Transformation,  Southwest Airlines

  • 21 Year LUV vet
  • B.I. junkie
  • Longhorn

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