April 21, 2022

Tired of boring Zoom calls? So are we. We’re turning the virtual event world on its head with the first Digital Fight Club, Virtual Edition.

Just like IRL, we’re putting 2 experts in their fields up against each other in front of a raucous virtual audience.

What does that look like?

  • Experience the fights with your friends on your own virtual couch
  • React verbally and electronically like you would in person
  • Network by moving to another couch

We do this in front of hundreds CEOs, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors not to mention thousands in the audience.

So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner within the virtual experience. That’s not boring. That’s fun.

…and you might learn something.

Mayhem, indeed!

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Becca Weigman and Eric Myers spar over the ad agency model of the future.

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Fight 1

Future of Work: The right blend of WFH & Office

Brian Kornfeld

Brian Kornfeld
CEO, Synapse
  • Innovation & community builder
  • Aerospace engineer
  • Wolverine

Gustavo Medina

Gustavo Medina
CEO, Nubii
  • SaaS & AR veteran
  • Serial founder
  • Happy guy from the Canary Is.

Fight 2

What’s the greatest innovation of the current supply chain abundance challenge?

Renato Scaff

Renato Scaff
SMD, Supply Chain, Accenture
  • Aerospace engineer
  • 20 yr Accenture vet
  • Gator

Pierre Mawet

Pierre Mawet
MD, Supply Chain, Accenture
  • Has worked for every consultancy
  • Career supply chain guy
  • Native Belgian

Fight 3

How will the metaverse change our behavior?

Kyle Morrand

Kyle Morrand
CEO, 302 Interactive
  • Technologist
  • Developer at heart
  • Knightro

Joe Hamilton

Joe Hamilton
Head of Network, Metacity
  • Lifelong technologist
  • Publisher
  • Red Hawk

Fight 4

What does brand promise transparency look like?

David Capece

David Capece
CEO, Sparxoo
  • ESPN Vet
  • Branding guy
  • Blue Jay

Sheetal Jaitly

Sheetal Jaitly
CEO, TribalScale
  • Transplanted Canadian
  • Investor
  • Yeo the Lion

Fight 5

How can businesses care for the well-being of their employees and customers?

Johnny Crowder

Johnny Crowder
CEO, Cope Notes
  • Suicide/abuse survivor
  • On a mental health mission

Anna Gandrabura

Anna Gandrabura
CEO, English for IT/Techville
  • Lives in the metaverse
  • Focused on people skills
  • Odessa native


Head Ref & XR Strategy, Accenture

  • Engineer
  • Lives in the metaverse
  • Wolverine

CEO, Tampa Bay Tech

  • Tech storyteller
  • Former Ad lady
  • Terrier

President, South Florida Business Journal

  • Journalism vet
  • Leadership junkie
  • Terrapin

VP Technology, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

  • Lifelong spirits  & logistics vet
  • Secret IT guy
  • Hook ’em Horns

VP, Supply Chain, AFLAC

  • Diversity champion
  • Telecom vet
  • Bison