HOUSTON • 11.20.19

Digital Fight Club heads to Houston before the holidays and brings its energy to the White Oak Music Hall, Houston’s best live music venue.

Ten of the sharpest wits in Space City will spar in five “fights” ranging in topics centered around technology.

The audience and Refs will vote for the winners with our own Digital Fight Club App.

Mayhem, indeed!

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch referree and NASA astronaut Tim Kopra ask a zinger in Boston last year

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Fight 1

Future Workforce of Robotics/AI

Matt Hager

Matt Hager
CEO, Poetic Systems
  • Building the Future
  • Extremely pragmatic
  • Poet leader

Pablo Marin

Pablo Marin
Sr. AI Leader, Microsoft
  • Founder
  • Lives in the Cloud
  • Venezualen Dallasite

Fight 2

Whose responsibility is cyber security

Ted Gutierrez

Ted Gutierrez
CEO, SecurityGate
  • West Pointer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Can argue both sides of an argument

Tara Khanna

Tara Khanna
MD/Security Lead, Accenture
  • Enterprise genius
  • Cyber wonk
  • Often mistaken for Amazon Prime actress

Fight 3

Oil & Gas Industry and the Environment

Michael Szafron

Michael Szafron
CA, Cemvita Factory
  • Multipotentialite
  • Alberta native
  • Autistic Superpowers

Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor
Co-founder, AR for Everyone
  • Shell Energy VR guy
  • Shaolin Temple trained martial artist
  • Sculptor

Fight 4

Digital in our personal lives

Grace Rodriguez

Grace Rodriguez
CEO, ImpactHub
  • Profesional do-gooder
  • Innovation empowerer
  • Mad juggler

Javier Fadul

Javier Fadul
Dir. Innovation, HTX Labs
  • Humanizer
  • Philosophical Psychologist
  • Pixel dance instructor

Fight 5

Future of Primary Care

Dr. Geetinder Goyal

Dr. Geetinder Goyal
CEO, First Primary Care
  • Yale man
  • Astros fan
  • Turns things upside down

Dr. Nick Desai

Dr. Nick Desai
CIO, Houston Methodist
  • Techy Dr. w/ an MBA
  • Often described as a gentleman
  • Epic


Head Referee

CEO, Station Houston

  • ED, The Ion
  • Lifelong educator
  • Recovering investment banker

CEO, Watch Her Work

  • Known to “Bring it On”
  • Dynamo
  • Other-centric 

Partner, Blue Bear Capital

  • NASA Astronaut, ISS
  • West Point grad
  • Venture Capitalist

Director, TMCx

  • AF Flight Surgeon
  • Space Doctor
  • Bio-medical entrpreneur

President, Chevron Technology Ventures

  • Chemistry nerd (PhD)
  • Emerging tech champion
  • Cyclist