October 26, 2021

Tired of boring Zoom calls? So are we. We’re turning the virtual event world on its head with the first Digital Fight Club, Virtual Edition.

Just like IRL, we’re putting 2 experts in their fields up against each other in front of a raucous virtual audience.

What does that look like?

  • Experience the fights with your friends on your own virtual couch
  • React verbally and electronically like you would in person
  • Network by moving to another couch

We do this in front of hundreds CEOs, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors not to mention thousands in the audience.

So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner within the virtual experience. That’s not boring. That’s fun.

…and you might learn something.

Mayhem, indeed!

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Dr. Geetinder Goyal spar with Dr. Nick Reddy over the Future of Primary Care

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… with help from Houston Exponential & The Ion

PLUS: a special After Party performance by The Suffers


Fight 1

Energy Transition: What technology is king to get us there?

Moji Karimi

Moji Karimi
CEO, Cemvita Factory
  • Carbon Negative
  • Climate Positive
  • Hates clever phrases

Trevor Best

Trevor Best
CEO, Syzygy Plasmonics
  • Baker Hughes alum
  • Former English prof in China
  • Red Raider

Fight 2

Space Race: Who will lead space commercialization?

Trent Martin

Trent Martin
VP, Space Systems, Intuitive Machines
  • Also Pres, SciSpace
  • NASA Vet
  • Longhorn

Steve Gonzalez

Steve Gonzalez
Partner, Seldor Capital
  • 33 Yr NASA vet
  • Computer Scientist
  • Never got caught in Warren Towers

Fight 3

Digital Divide: The greatest barrier to bridging the divide

Ashley DeWalt

Ashley DeWalt
Managing Director, DivInc
  • Sports tech guy
  • Accelerator expert
  • Overwatch afficionado

Jesse Martinez

Jesse Martinez
Co-Founder, LatinX Startup Alliance
  • Literal serial entrepreneur
  • Emerging market startup expert
  • Aggie

Fight 4

Sweet Teams are Made of This: The post-pandemic employee experience

Brad Deuster

Brad Deuster
CEO, Deuster
  • Organizational behavior expert
  • Former circus employee
  • Longhorn

Joe Alapat

Joe Alapat
CEO, Liongard
  • Managed services nerd
  • Literal team builder
  • Trinity Tiger

Fight 5

Innovation in a Virtual World: Impossible?

Lawson Gow

Lawson Gow
Founder, The Cannon
  • Entrepreneur
  • Community Builder
  • Lover of Houston

Robert Pieroni

Robert Pieroni
Dir., Central Houston, Inc
  • Startup guy
  • Space advisor
  • CA transplant


Houston MD, Accenture

  • Oil & gas expert
  • Passionate community server
  • Owl

Executive Director, Halliburton Labs

  • Clean energy inveastor
  • Energy vet
  • Voice Actor

Lead, Partnership Development, NASA

  • Blue Origin vet
  • Boeing ISS vet
  • Knows astronauts

Dir. Collaborative Innovation, NASA

  • Joined NASA before the ISS launched
  • Crowdsourced toilet design
  • Software engineer

Director, Innovation & Engagement, Intel

  • Intel vet
  • Passionate volunteer
  • Only attends schools with purple colors