February 16, 2022

Tired of boring Zoom calls? So are we. We’re turning the virtual event world on its head with Digital Fight Club, Virtual Edition.

We’re putting 2 UPS experts in their fields up against each other in front of a raucous virtual audience.

What does that look like?

  • Experience the fights with your friends on your own virtual couch
  • React verbally and electronically like you would in person
  • Network by moving to another couch

We do this in front of an audience of UPS employees.

So there is no pressure.

Then we let the refs and audience (that’s you) vote for a winner within the virtual experience. That’s not boring. That’s fun.

…and you might learn something.

Click the fight to learn more

Mayhem, indeed!

Event timeline (all times EST)

5:30pm – Doors open (virtual experience)

6:00pm – Fights begin

7:00pm (ish) – Fights end

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Becca Weigman and Eric Myers spar over the ad agency model of the future.

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Fight 1

What’s more critical to SMBs – speed or price/value?

Nicole Mennella

Nicole Mennella
Revenue Enablement Strategy Mgr., Pricing Transformation
  • 10 yr UPS vet
  • Loves figuring out what things should cost
  • Volunteer

Michael Yoshida

Michael Yoshida
Dir., SMB Growth Imperative
  • 16 yr UPS vet
  • Go-to-market guy
  • Sun Devil

Fight 2

Over the next decade, which element will drive Brand Relevance more? Momentum & Innovation or ESG?

Kellie Streat

Kellie Streat
Global Advertising Manager
  • AT&T vet
  • Recovering agency vet
  • Eagle

Ruchi Shah

Ruchi Shah
Dir., Digital Marketing
  • 10 yr UPS vet
  • briefly an Investment Banker!
  • Wolverine

Fight 3

The most valuable channel for UPS in the next decade will be….Mobile App or The UPS Store?

Qing Cao

Qing Cao
Sr. Product Mgr., Digital Commerce & Experience
  • 5 yr UPS vet
  • Startup vet
  • Golden Tiger

Rob Connelly

Rob Connelly
Technology Marketing & Franchisee Communications Mgr.
  • 20 yr UPS Store vet
  • Dares to dream
  • Bulldog

Fight 4

Who will be UPS’s most formidable competitor in the future – FedEx or DHL?

Nate Weir

Nate Weir
Dir., Competitive and Market Intelligence
  • 8yr UPS marketing vet
  • Former finance nerd
  • Cougar

Whitney Shisel

Whitney Shisel
Dir., APAC Marketing
  • 16 yr UPS vet
  • Former accountant
  • Spike the Bulldog

Fight 5

Who matters most to the future of UPS – Receivers or Shippers?

Carlos Roman

Carlos Roman
Revenue Strategy Manager
  • 11 yr UPS strategy vet
  • Former Ops manager
  • Bobcat

John Comstock

John Comstock
Mgr., Marketing Strategy & Operations
  • 16 yr UPS vet
  • Entire career: UPS
  • Ram


VP, East Region Marketing

  • 20 yr UPS vet
  • Extremely high emotional IQ
  • Anteater

VP, International Marketing

  • Multiple international  positions
  • 13 year UPS vet
  • YellowJacket

VP, Digital Marketing and Brand Management

  • 18 year UPS vet
  • Agency vet
  • Tar Heel

VP, Pricing and Revenue Enablement

  • 35 yr UPS vet
  • Industrial engineer
  • Longs for a mascot

VP, Digital Experience

  • Xerox vet
  • Moscow State linguist
  • Lover of scarves

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