Dallas, TX @ The Granada Theater

November 2, 2023

We rocked your world in the first DFC: Cyber with VAR execs duking it out in front of a raucous room full of CISOs. Now we’re expanding the tent to include CIOs and more IT topics.

Tired of hearing the same ‘ol same ‘ol at cyber/IT conferences? Tired of being kissed up to or not being able to speak your mind in a proposal?

So are we.

Only CIOs, CISOs, VARs/MSSPs and 10 Vendors may attend. Everyone gets to vote for the winners. No pressure.

Mayhem, indeed!

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The Fight Format

  • Opening salvo: 30s ea
  • Rebuttal #1: 15s ea
  • Rebuttal #2: 15s ea
  • Rebuttal #3: 15s ea
  • Ref’s question #1: 15s ea respond & rebuttal
  • Ref’s question #2: 15s ea respond & rebuttal
Never been to a Digital Fight Club and want to know what it’s all about? Watch a few fights on our YouTube channel.

Event Timeline:


5:30pm – VIP Reception @ Sundown

6:00pm – Granada Doors open for GA cocktails

7:00pm – Fights begin

8:00pm-ish – After Party

Not sure what a Digital Fight Club is?
Watch Jennifer Zientz spar with Michelle Adams on brain health.

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Fight #1

AI: What is the greatest external threat to a company?

Mitchem Boles

Mitchem Boles
Field CISO, GuidePoint Security
  • Corp Cyber vet
  • Cloud guy
  • Gig ’em!

Gina Yacone

Gina Yacone
CISO, Trace3
  • More certs than God
  • Former PI
  • Hurricane

Fight 2

AI: What is the best way to use AI to protect a company?

Rob Kim

Rob Kim
CTO, Presidio
  • Cloud vet
  • Recovering financial analyst
  • Nittany Lion

John Shin

John Shin
CISO, RSI Security
  • Genomics IT
  • Cyber tech founder
  • Triton

Fight 3

Managing Security/IT: Risk vs Productivity

Todd Neilson

Todd Neilson
  • Cyber vet & entrepeneur
  • dot bomb refugee
  • Griff

Tricia Callahan

Tricia Callahan
MD, Security & Privacy, Protiviti
  • Protiviti lifer
  • Recovering auditor
  • Hook ’em

Fight 4

Measuring Cybersecurity/IT ROI

Tommy Todd

Tommy Todd
vCISO, Fremont Solutions
  • Engineer by trade
  • started at broadcast.com
  • Rebels

Nancy Free

Nancy Free
Chief Risk Officer, Armor Cloud Security
  • Secured GameStop
  • Compliance aficionado
  • Mean Green

Fight 5

Managing the new SEC rules

Carmine Cicalese

Carmine Cicalese
President, Cyber CIC
  • Former Chief, Cyberspace, US Army
  • Director, JCCIO School
  • Beat Navy!

Greg Young

Greg Young
VP, Cybersecurity, Trend Micro
  • National defence guy
  • Longtime Gartner analyst
  • Cannuck


CISO, Tenet Health Care

  • Former Intel & Secret service guy
  • Longtime cyber vet
  • Wolfpack

CISO, Mr. Cooper

  • IT from day 1
  • Mostly financial but brief stint in pharma
  • Huskie


  • Distinguished cyber author
  • Recovering lawyer
  • That other school in Annapolis

CIO, Box

  • Longtime TXU vet
  • Recovering consultant
  • Brown Bears


  • Longtime aerospace vet
  • Engineer
  • Hawkeye

Here’s how to participate:

No tickets will be made available to the general public. VARs/MSSPs and Corporations (CIO/CISOs & teams) attend as a unit. Their people register individually with codes we give them once they have been accepted into the event.

Corporate (CIO/CISO)

Coprorate CIO/CISOs (or equivalent) and their teams go for free and must be VAR users

  • FREE
  • 1 – VIP ticket
    • Virtual VIP Reception (Corprate /CIOCISOs and VAR CEOs)
    • Must be CIO/CISO or equivalent
  • 4 – GA tickets
    • Must be on corporate CIO/CISO team
  • After Party access

How do you get access as a CIO/CISO?

  • Your CIO/CISO or equivalent needs to attend. This is not a “send my minions” sort of event.
  • You need to be a corporation that uses VARs. Or is about to. This is the place to do your recon.
  • Bring your senior team members
  • There are only 40 Corporate CIO/CISO blocks available.

Email Michael Pratt at mike@digitalfightclub.co to get a code.


There are no “pay for play” speaking roles. Participating VAR/MSSPs chip in to help us cover costs by buying a “block” that suits their needs. A select few vendors get the chance to sponsor. VAR/MSSPs can also get vendors to give them tickets. We know how that works!

There are 3 levels.

  • Entry: $500
    • 1 – VIP ticket
      • VIP Reception access
      • After Party access
      • VIP parking
    • 2 – GA tickets
      • After Party access
    • Must be senior VAR/MSSP employees
  • Standard: $1,000
    • 1 – VIP ticket
      • VIP Reception access
      • After Party access
      • VIP parking
    • 4 – GA tickets
      • After Party access
    • Must be senior VAR/MSSP employees
  • Premium: $2,000
    • 2 – VIP tickets
      • VIP Reception access
      • After Party Access
      • VIP parking
      • VIP seating
    • 8 – GA tickets
      • After Party access
    • Must be senior VAR/MSSP employees

There are only 40 total VAR/MSSP blocks avaialble. That includes the 10 VAR/MSSP fighter slots.

Grab a block for your VAR/MSSP now



Sponsors: 10 fight corner sponsor blocks only: You can imagine what a hot ticket one of these blocks is. We also have 5 opportunities for smaller bar/food/video package options. Email Michael Pratt at mike@digitalfightclub.co for more details.

As we all know, conferences are vendor-fests. It’s like 100 guys trying to get that one girl to dance. Not Digital Fight Club. Vendors are outnumbered 4 to 1.