“I knew from the moment I walked into the packed, sold-out theater that we were starting something very special.”


Andrew Hopkins from Accenture says about the first Digital Fight Club in 2015. “It was the first time, that I know of, where such a wide and broad scale of people across Dallas – from startups, corporates and community at large – all collided. The energy was palpable, and it was awesome to see how quickly the audience got engaged and embraced this new kind of event.”

Looking back, Andrew was at a bar discussing the Digital Fight Club concept at the very beginning. After that Accenture has been powering DFC ever since.

He remembers, “I mean, what better way than over a few beers to brainstorm and hammer out the details of what would become Digital Fight Club? I immediately loved the idea because it’s unique, fast-paced, interactive and fun. It’s a brilliant way to get the Dallas community together.

I go back year after year because I get to meet and share ideas with talented people who are doing great things. The event always reminds me of how vibrant and diverse our Dallas technology and entrepreneurial community is. It motivates me every time to get more involved.”

We are so glad Accenture partners with Digital FIght Club every year. It is a great match because they thrive on a diversity of thoughts and backgrounds. It makes a great home for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and experience. In fact, Andrew himself, “was an entrepreneur for two years in this community, and now [he] get to act as an entrepreneur inside Accenture.” He says that now he has more resources, scale and reach than he ever had as a solo player.

Also, Accenture, and more specifically Accenture Ventures, keep tabs on and invests in startups with game-changing solutions that can help the world’s biggest companies be more innovate, transform and gain competitive advantage. And what better place to run across those solutions than at the Digital Fight Club after party.

So once again we would like to thank our partner and friend Accenture for bringing Digital Fight Club back to Dallas again in 2019!