This year we would like to welcome Micro Focus as a new sponsor of Digital Fight Club.

For those of you who recognize the name, you might not immediately see the relevance. On the one hand, Digital Fight Club debates the latest technologies in IT today. On the other hand, Micro Focus is often mistakenly seen as a “mainframe” and “legacy technology” only company. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much overlap…but the truth is, there is so much more to Micro Focus.

Micro Focus is a global technology company. They cover areas from build to operation and security to analyzation. Their interest is in helping customers with their race toward digital transformation.

It’s true, Micro Focus does keep alive software that has been running for decades. As you know, many large organizations still run software that was developed in the ‘70s. These are typically mainframe applications or older types of networks, you are all probably familiar with Novell Networks, that’s one of theirs. Micro Focus has a very special approach to this: they acquire these successful technologies that the broader market has abandoned, and they maintain them as long as there are customers using them. This is a strategic distinction between Micro Focus and other organizations. They are not only developing the latest software in various areas of IT, but they are also evolving some of the technologies that started the IT revolution.

With over 300 products in its portfolio, Micro Focus literally addresses every aspect of the software product life cycle.

Today, Micro Focus is looking to flip the idea that they are the “mainframe software company” or “old school.” While it is true Micro Focus has built its kingdom on many acquisitions, some of those containing older technologies, Micro Focus has grabbed hold of these solutions and they continue to modernize them over time. They have acquired and advanced some of the most successful software in the market today. Furthermore, Micro Focus owns some of the latest technologies and pushes them forward, see, for example, their work with AI and Machine Learning.

Transformation is where Micro Focus shines. You want to embrace Agile, bring DevOps to mainframe-based applications, they can do that. You want to offload work from a mainframe and put it on Amazon, leveraging micro-services, virtualization, and containerization, they are the ones to call. That expertise is not something you are going to find in most IT shops. It is a very complex process, and Micro Focus has the tools to do it. More importantly, they also have the process to make it successful.

Micro Focus is not only about the legacy software that you know. They want to help with your digital transformation, which is why they are so excited to be a sponsor of this year’s Digital Fight Club.