The mic drops.
The crowd laughs.
The fight is over.
And Samantha is loving every second of it.


Samantha is with Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), and they are sponsoring Digital Fight Club once again this year.

“We started by just going to some of the events,” Samantha told us. Her clients were there, investors were there, and influencers were there too. So the next year they jumped on the opportunity to sponsor.

“There is a big overlap between the audience that comes to Digital Fight Club and our customers.”

SVB is a global commercial bank focused on banking the best technology and life sciences companies and the Venture Capital and Private Equity firms that invest in them. Technology is all they do and they are at the center of gravity in every major innovation hub around the world. In 2018, SVB banked 70% of all Tech IPO’s in the US and 77% of the VC firms listed on the coveted Midas List. The bank opened their Dallas office in 1999 and since then, it has been THE bank for technology companies in the Metroplex.

“It is a fun, creative way to learn something new in a particular vertical”

With Digital Fight club being a twist on the traditional panel conversation, she finds it amazing how the fighters take a complex topic and boil it down to where the audience can understand it in two and a half minutes. She looks around and sees everyone being a part of the conversation through the audience participation that Digital Fight Club enables. The best part is that Digital Fight Club presents the five key topics you need to know for the year.

“It is very educational for anybody whether they are experienced in technology or if they are just getting started dabbling in it.”

But it doesn’t stop with the fights themselves.

If you are a technology founder SVB believes it is the place for you. Yes, they can help you with your banking, but also make amazing connections along the way. SVB loves connecting people so they can build something. Being around the event and the after-party is an amazing gathering of such people. Ultimately, Samantha loves connecting people so they can build something together.

“[Technology] is all we do. We are an inch wide and a mile deep.”

We want to thank Silicon Valley Bank for sponsoring Digital Fight Club once again this year.